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Help employees make it easier to stay healthy
Addressing more of your employees’ challenges
The local footprint of CVS® HealthHUB™, MinuteClinic® and CVS Pharmacy® locations helps make care more accessible, creating more engagement and better health outcomes. Your employees get the care and guidance they may need — whether that’s in person or virtual.
Health care that is convenient, data-enabled and affordable makes it easier for your employees to stay on track in between doctor visits, which helps lead to: ​
  • Increased engagement in their health care ​
  • Improved health outcomes ​
  • Lower, more predictable medical costs​
Health care can be expensive and confusing. But, it’s also an opportunity to improve the current health care system.
90% of U.S. health care spending is on the treatment of chronic disease and mental health expenditures1
~50% of people with a chronic disease don’t routinely take their medications as prescribed2
$36.4B is the annual amount chronic conditions cost U.S. employers due to missed work3