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Give employees a plan benefit that makes it easier to stay healthy
Helping patients adhere to your care plans
Working hand in hand with you, CVS® HealthHUB™ can help your patients better engage in the care you recommend by offering navigation and support. This guidance ensures patients are following your treatment plans and that they are addressing health, pharmacy and wellness needs between office visits.
The goal is to serve as extension of your care by:
  • Helping identify and enable timely care gap closures with earlier interventions
  • Helping create continuity and adherence of holistic patient care plans with lifestyle coaching, mental health counseling, pharmacy consultation and well-being services
  • Helping support efforts in value-based arrangements to help improve quality and lower costs
CVS HealthHUB locations can help fill this gap, providing you with the team you need, so patients can see the best possible results under your care.
Patients say they could better manage their health with more support.
‟A typical PCP is tasked with far too many roles. What’s needed is a broader team to support us.”
currently practicing internist
70% of patients with a chronic condition would like more resources or clarity on how to manage their disease1
6 out 10 doctors believe that visits with patients are often too short to answer questions and treat patients effectively2
64 of Americans in their 30s don’t have a primary care doctor3
1National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Feb 2021